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Guess what? Healthcare is a big-money industry and that means you’re most likely getting bad health advice right now.
Think about it, when was the last time a doctor’s office consultation was FREE?


Your doctor doesn't want you to know that there are other ways to stay healthy, to relieve pain and to live longer.


Preventing pain and living a better life without dangerous surgery or prescription medication is 100% possible.


Yes, there is a place for medicine. No, medicine is not the answer to everything that is wrong with us.

Who am I?

I am a professional health consultant—I help clients manage pain, avoid unnecessary surgery, live healthier, and live longer, more fulfilling lives without the side effects of prescription medication and the complications of medical procedures.

I’ve had success helping people just like you avoid unnecessary medical procedures and medication by fixing the underlying cause of their medical problems. Yes, I believe that healthcare is necessary.

No, I don’t think an expensive visit to the doctor’s office and a prescription pad are the cure to everything.

Too often, people just like you are sucked into spending more money on their healthcare.



Here’s How I Can Help You

Don’t Worry, I Am Not Trying To Sell You Anything

Are you interested in learning how you can live a longer, healthy, pain-free life?

It all starts with a FREE consultation…

After you decide if holistic health consultation sessions are for you, you’ll experience a three-part system designed to help you reach peak mental and physical health without medication…

Here's what it looks like:

Step One Structural Health

We’ll start with an analysis of your current health, the problems you have, and how they can be treated using osteopathic techniques, exercises, and rehab Pilates. You’ll be surprised to discover that most of your health problems can be solved through a carefully designed program of movements and stretches that won’t cost a penny to complete and can be done in the comfort of your home.

Step Two Nutritional Analysis

Together, we'll investigate two primary elements of your health—hydration and nutrition. We’ll adjust your diet to match your specific health needs, and discuss the importance of healthy alkaline water. You don’t get "cookie cutter" advice. Everyone is different and I will supply personalized dietary recommendations based on our discussions, your lifestyle, and your specific health needs.

Step Three Ongoing Consultation

After we get started with structural analysis and nutritional analysis, you’ll experience the benefits of an ongoing relationship that adapts to your changing needs. We’ll do more than solve problems with pain and health, we’ll discuss how you can use your health and confidence to help achieve the personal goals you’ve been putting off.

Your First Consultation Is Completely FREE

There’s No Reason Not To Learn More About Natural Solutions To Your Health And Pain Problems!

Don‘t take my word for it..



Jacob taught me to see that the key to my jaw and shoulder problems was in re-storing the natural curves of my spine. His approach is simple, straightforward, and effective.


Ken G

I am now convinced that I can handle this and feel I made the right choice in seeking help. In my case, a Hip Replacement made as much sense as Jacob says, “Taking a HousePlant to an Auto Mechanic…


Joanne R

I am pleased to say that after 3 months of working with Jacob, I saw my GP and all the symptoms are gone. They wanted to treat me and give me drugs as if I had MS, and now they don’t.


Dagmara L

I am forever grateful to Jacob for coming through on his promise. With the pain gone I can now focus that energy on being a wonderful teacher and on creating a pain free life.


Tom S

I haven’t felt this capable and sure of my body for years. Best of all, I have proven all the people who told me I was old, stuck with this or needing surgery, Dead Wrong.


Anastasia L

A couple weeks before my surgery date, I went in for the MRI and then met with the Surgeon. He showed me the MRI, and told me, there was no reason to continue and have the surgery, The Stenosis was gone…

Ever Wish Your Doctor Offered A

100% Money-Back Guarantee?

Right up front, I am going to tell you that I don’t do this completely for free.
Your first consultation and personalized health assessment is FREE.

I offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

You don’t have to decide right now, or even when you make the phone call, but if we talk and you decide that personal health consultation is right for you, I will extend a 100% money back guarantee.

For most of my clients, the majority or all of their pain and health problems are solved after just 10 sessions with me.

If you don’t experience relief from your pain problems or the health problems that are holding you back in 10 sessions, I will give you your money back!

Go ahead and try to find a physician that offers a 100% money back guarantee!


Get back to what
matters in life


Hurry! My Appointment Schedule Is Filling Up!

The only thing is, you’ve got to be fast. I book new clients based on the order that they contact me. You see, there is only so much time in the day and I can only help so many people at once.

I only have a few openings for new clients.

You only need to contact me right now or provide your contact information to guarantee that I will be able to speak with you. After your FREE consultation, then you can decide if you want to proceed with your own customized health and pain management plan.